Elevate Your Workplace With Art, not Motivational Posters

Erik Brede PhotographyWhen at work, what do you see when you look around? Do you feel inspired?
First impressions are a big deal in the business world. Whether it’s a potential client or employee walking through your door for the first time, people are receiving valuable information about your company from the moment they arrive in your offices. Art plays a major role in generating positive and striking first impressions, not only at an aesthetic level but also at a psychological one.

Research conducted by Dr Craig Knight at the University of Exeter’s School of Psychology has concluded that employees who have control over the design of their workspace are not only happier and healthier but also up to 32% more productive. They observed that the more control people had over their office spaces, the happier and more motivated they were in their jobs. They felt physically more comfortable at work, identified more with their employers, and felt more positive about their jobs in general.

Dr Knight, who has studied the psychology of working environments for 12 years, has observed however that there is a real tendency for businesses to opt for lean workspaces designed to encourage staff to just get on with their work and avoid distraction. ‘If you enrich a space people feel much happier and work better; a very good way of doing this is by using art’, he says. — By ‘art’ he means original works of art and not so-called motivational posters as in ‘Do it because you love it’ or ‘There is no “I” in team’. Those don’t work!

When it comes to choosing artwork for the design of different workspaces it is key to take into account the physical possibilities of the space, its purpose and the energy you want to create for it. Are you designing the lobby, the offices area, the chill-out zone? Are you aiming for a more relaxing environment that promotes concentration, or maybe one that encourages productivity and creative thinking? Keep in mind that each space needs to be addressed separately to achieve the best possible result.

No matter the size of the business, be aware of the fundamental role art plays as a catalyst for energies and make it an essential element in your workspace; you will soon realise its benefits both at a human and corporate level.

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