Close an edition

You have just found the dream image and wish only you had it for yourself … Guess what? You can!

All my photos are limited edition, which you can choose to buy out so that the current edition ends, or buy out the entire series so that no more editions of this image are printed regardless of size.

If I already have sold some editions of the image then you can buy out the entire rest of the edition. The picture will then be numbered with the next number in the series or the last number if you wish. If no pictures in a particular edition are sold before then the picture will be numbered 1/1 if you buy out the whole series. This artwork then becomes a one of a kind print only available for you.

A buyout price is calculated like this:

List price x quantity – already sold – discount. The size of the discount is based on how many prints there are left and will be deleted, or if this is turned into a one of a kind edition.

Artwork 1 is a 40x50cm / 50x60cm pigment print in a 25 edition series. The list price is $500.00, so the total value of the series is $500×25=$12500.00. No print is sold so this can be turned into a one of a kind print with number 1/1. The price will be $12500.00 – 50% Discount giving a final sales price of $6250.00. The 40x50cm print is then marked as sold out in my catalogue.

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